A lucky boy by Rosanna Bonci

Rosanna Bonci – A lucky boy I’m a lucky boy. Sure I am. Because as a ten-year-old, I’m allowed to travel to Europe! Happy and grateful I am, on the Lungotevere of Rome, the eternal city. Today is a special day, March 20th, the start of spring. Dad and mom have organized a unique event: … Read more

Richard DiPilla honored Ambassador of Peace

I founded Global Goodwill Ambassadors to honor people who provide humanitarian aid. I am all the more astonished that I have now been honored myself. – Richard DiPilla International reputed think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD announced renowned humanitarian and Peace Activist Honorable Mr. Richard DiPilla (USA) Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) as … Read more

Zubair Ahmad Khugyani about human rights situation in Afghanistan

Zubair Ahmad Khugyani contributes to the March Newsletter of Global Goodwill Ambassadors: Good Morning Sir Richard. Hope you are doing well. This is Zubair Ahmad from Afghanistan. We are proud of you and see that you are working for peace and humanity globally.   Afghanistan concerning Girls Education, Democracy & Human Rights: Afghanistan is a … Read more

Interview with Michael Dickel

Interview with Michael Dickel   I am fortunate enough to be able to call the writer, poet, educator, artist and musician, Michael Dickel, “friend”. Yet while we’ve shared an equality through creative writing and also as human beings, I’ve never really delved into the life and journey of that friend…until now.   Michael has a … Read more

Number of Subscribers

News from the Johntext ADMIN: Johntext United Kingdom has 3391 subscribers today. Thanks so much to all fans and supporters! Unfortunately the counter of the plugin only counts new subscribers…. Hans-Jürgen John ist Hans John (@rafaelofirst) auf Twitter und Hans.John.16 auf Facebook. Hans bloggt auf www.johntext.de und www.tage-bau.de

Just When You Thought I’d Vanished…

  Up I pop with not very much to say, in honesty. It’s been a while since I wrote here…not because I’ve ceased to have an opinion, nor because I don’t feel my voice has any importance, but because I’m taking time to observe the world and its people around me.  I’ve also been rather … Read more

The Potential Costs of Farting in Public…

  “Totally Insane” would adequately describe the Tory government and its legislative proposals.  I’m astounded at what I’ve just read – that farting in a public place can be considered as an “annoyance” and thus, under potentially new measures, can be deemed punishable under the new replacement for the dreaded ASBO, the IPNA (Injunctions to … Read more

Press Release: A Toynbee to Remember by Joy Travers

Joy Travers tells the story of WWI Toynbee family through their own letters Author announces release of ‘A Toynbee to Remember’ BRIGHTON, England – In “A Toynbee to Remember” (published by AuthorHouse), Joy Travers’ new book, readers take a look into the lives of the Toynbee family during WWI, exploring their involvement with the Christian … Read more

They’re at it again!!

  Remember the row over the Iraq war? How we swore blind that we, as the people, wanted no part in it? And still, the then Prime minister Tony Blair stroked US ass and entered into an illegal war anyway? Remember all of that bad press afterwards and the leaders that went unpunished for their … Read more